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Barcelona-Sants train station, located in the heart of Barcelona, is like a bustling city within a city. It’s a hub of activity with trains coming and going at all hours, making it one of the busiest train stations in Spain.

As you enter the station, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer size of it. It’s like a labyrinth of platforms, corridors, and shops, with travelers rushing to catch their trains or simply waiting for their next adventure.

One of the most fascinating things about Barcelona-Sants is the diversity of people you can find there. From tourists to locals, students to businessmen, it’s a melting pot of cultures and languages. You’ll hear people speaking Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, and many more.

The station also has a wide range of amenities, including shops, cafes, restaurants, and even a pharmacy. So, whether you need a quick caffeine fix or some last-minute supplies for your trip, you’ll find everything you need at Barcelona-Sants.

Travel Light: Storing Your Luggage at Barcelona-Sants

Do you need to store your luggage while waiting for the train or just enjoy the city center without any distractions? We have some tips for you on places where you can safely store your luggage at affordable prices.

Prices from€0.95/hour or €7.9/24h€5/24h€13.40/24h
InsuranceUp to €3000€10k Up to €5000
Number of stores+10+20+10
Size LimitationsNoNo75 lbs/ 35 kgs may be rejected
Flexible arrivalYesNoNo

Things to Do and See near Barcelona-Sants station

Visit Parc de l’Espanya Industrial (it is just a 100m from the station)

One of the city’s most surprising green spaces. Its impressive nine lighthouse towers act as beacons drawing attention to it from far away. The park extends along a terraced area with concrete steps that lead down to a large artificial lake.

If you are up for the 25-ish minute walk, visit the Sant Antoni market.

Colorful stalls for alimentation, fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood, the Mercat de Sant Antoni at the southwestern edge of the Raval is one of the largest market halls in Barcelona still in activity. The steel-skeleton building (1872-82) by Antoni Rovira i Trias occupies the area of a complete block of streets and the market offers also tapas bars.

Another park to visit nearby is Parc de Joan Miró.

This is a park that offers visitors a surprise at each of its numerous entrances, as these give access to very different spaces both in structure and in use. It is a comfortable park to be in, where you choose your area according to what you plan to do.
Local residents meet up there every day in the pine grove, to chat away on the terrace of one of the kiosk bars or watch while the kids are playing in one of the six children’s play areas, the largest of which is accessible. The palm grove has pétanque courts for the sport’s aficionados and a large 720 m2 area for people to let their dogs run free in.

But what is luggage storage?

Luggage storage is a storage facility where luggage can be left. These facilities can be found in main tourist points of cities such as airports, train, and bus stations. Pricing for luggage storage facilities can vary depending on time, place, and provider.

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How much does it cost to store the luggage in Barcelona?

LuggageHero is all about comfort, therefore you can choose whether you want to pay per hour or daily. Prices per hour start from €0.95/hour and from €7.9/day.

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